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Have you ever been in a situation where the locks that are meant to protect you end up locking you in or out of your home? If you have, then you’re not alone! We receive hundreds of calls for emergency locksmith openingservices from clients across Erlanger, KY.

Quite recently we dealt with a client who had purchased a poor-quality smart lock after getting carried away with all the false advertising shown on TV. Within a week, the client returned home late at night to a dead smart lock, leaving the owner locked out of his own apartment. After countless calls to locksmith agencies and being denied service due to the odd-timing, the client finally dialed 859-449-2151 and Erlanger KY Locksmith Store’s team arrived on the scene within 15 minutes to remove the lock, let the owner in and replace the lock with an upgraded smart lock. Such prompt, efficient service has earned us the moniker of being the ‘go-to’ locksmith service provider in Erlanger, KY


You can turn to us for basic and emergency locksmith services at any time. We can fix locks, cut new keys, develop strategic master key solutions, set up robust locks, assist with evictions and a lot more on a 24-hour basis. Our emergency locksmith opening solutions, however, are the most sought-after by the Erlanger, KY community:

Door unlocking

Erlanger KY Locksmith Store Erlanger, KY 859-449-2151Due to the heavy traffic they get, doors are the most susceptible to being accidentally locked. With several home and office owners fortifying their security with modern, advanced lock systems, you need someone with in-depth knowledge of the working of these systems to open the locks and help you regain access.

Safe opening

From electronic to combination safes, there is a spectrum of different types of safe locks that vary based upon the lock’s resilience and complexity. What happens if you forget the combination to a safe that contains critical business documents? Don’t fret! Our team of emergency locksmith openingspecialists can get through the multiple layers of security and extract your documents, by being minimally destructive to the safe or the lock.

Car trunk unlock

If there was a movable safe that goes wherever you go, that would be your trunk! Car manufacturers have designed trunks to be foolproof and resist any manipulation. When you end up locking your keys in the trunk and are left locked out, no amount of destructive force will open up your trunk. What you need is the expertise of a specialist such as Erlanger KY Locksmith Store.

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